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NASP Airdrop. Before Registering please read the requirements below!

15 November - 15 December 2019

Registrations are closed
Welcome to Nanospectral Airdrop

Max rewards 16 NASP
Only 1 registration per person!
We will send the Airdrops several times per week. In order to receive the airdrop you have to be online at Discord at the time your payment is processed. If you are offline your payment will be on hold and your Discord statutes will be checked while the next payment date. There will be 5 attempts to find you online to process your payment. If your status is offline all the 5 times you will be disqualified from the airdrop. Cheating users will be rejected and banned.

In order to receive the Airdrop please
Join our group on Discord and be present there: 4 NASP
You need a Twitter account with more than 250 Followers and crypto or financially related!
Follow and like us on Twitter and retweet this tweet: 4 NASP
Like & Follow our Facebook and share 
this post: 4 NASP
Refer a friend and ask him to put your email in the registration form: 4 NASP
Register with the form above.

If you need addition information please visit


Start: 15 November 2019
End: 15 December 2019